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These days is very trendy to gather with your friends and family to reveal the Baby’s gender before birth. Sometimes this celebration is as important as the Baby Shower. Gender Reveal Parties are fun, exciting, creative and always full of surprises.

In the Miami area (Coral gables, Brickell, Doral, Key Biscayne, Hiahleah, Kendall) people take this celebration very serious. The theme of this parties is always pink and blue and the ideas for the decoration, games, food are endless.

Gender Reveal Sweet Table

Love Flowers Miami offers you the best ideas and services to make this moment memorable.

Gender Reveal Ballon Pop: This idea has become very popular these days. Basically, a beautiful decoration is made and a big balloon is fill with confetti. The balloon is pop at the moment of the reveal.

Gender Reveal Idea: Ballon Pop

Gender Reveal Cake: This is one of my favorite and most delicious idea. Simply a cake is decorated with the blue and pink theme. The color inside of the cake is blue if it is a baby boy or pink if it is a baby girl.

Gender Reveal Cake
Gender Reveal Cake: Its a Boy

Gender Reveal Flowers: Making flowers for Gender Reveal Parties is very fun and always pretty. With a little budget and a lot of imagination, a beautiful flower arrangement can be created.

Gender Reveal Flowers

Gender Reveal Pinata: This exciting idea will have all your guests engaged during the gender reveal. People love pinatas specially when they are about to find out if it will be a boy or a girl.

Gender Reveal Pinata

Confetti Cannon: this idea is as exciting as the Pinata. It fills your guest with anxiety until the moment all the confetti is flying. The Highest Shooting Cannons will go up to 15 feet in the Air!

Gender Reveal Party Confetti Cannon

Gender Reveal Baseball or Golf Ball: This is the perfect idea for Baseball or Golf fans. Here is a website where you can find this product.

Gender Reveal Golf Ball

Gender Reveal Chocolate Bars: This is a yummy idea and it could be a DIY project. You just need to decide which chocolate bar you want to use.

HE & SHE Chocolate Bars

Gender Reveal Balloon Box: This cute idea could be also a DIY project. You can make the box as big as you want and you you can decorate it with your own style.

Gender Reveal Balloon Box

Gender Reveal Additional Decoration Ideas

Pink and Blue Sweet Table Decoration

Elegant Gender Reveal Party Decoration

And Remember that Love Flowers Miami has everything you need to celebrate your Gender Reveal Party. We serve the Miami area including Coral Gables, Doral, Key Biscayne, Brickell, North Miami, Hiahleah.

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