Flowers for every occasion.

The prefect gift for a woman is not always something material. Do not give me wrong, women love gifts, surprises, diamonds, clothing……. and much more. But the things that we value the most are those gifts that create an everlasting memory in our heart and soul. My favorite memories has been always related to flowers. As a woman I love to receive flowers, but more than receiving I love to give them….. I remember when I was pregnant, I went to find out the sex of my baby. I was leaving in Louisiana at that time. My mom was in Miami. So, I decided to let her know the sex of my baby by sending her a flower arrangement. It was a cute flower arrangement with white, blue and purple flowers. The card inside said “GRANDMA, I AM GOING TO BE A BOY”….. Well, what can I say….. My mom started crying, laughing, screaming and until this today, she remembers that day with so much joy.