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Miami Proposals Ideas

Miami Proposals Ideas

Here are our top 5 Miami Proposal Ideas:

1.    Romantic Rooftop Proposal: Propose in one of the Miami’s outrageous Skyscraper. You will have the lights of the city around you and a beautiful view to fall in love again. Here we have 2 recommendations:

–       Juvia Restaurant

–       Sugar Restaurant

2.    Beach Proposal: There is nothing more romantic than a proposal at the beach, you have the sound of the sea, the sunset, and the sand on your feet. Miami beaches, Fort Lauderdale beaches and Hollywood beaches are perfect for marriage proposals

3.    At Home Proposal: fill the home with balloons, thousands of red roses, candles and more. Make something special: play her favorite music, light her favorite candle and have the champagne ready to celebrate.

4. Picnic Wedding Proposal: Get your cheese, your wine, the picnic tablecloth some flowers and candles. Find a beautiful park, a museum or a beach and voila you have the perfect stage for your proposal.

5. Miami Hotel Room Proposal: Nothing more spectacular than the view of a Hotel located in the heart of Miami. The view of the Biscayne Bay, the lights of the city and the amenities of the Hotel will leave your future fiancé impress.

Here is a list of Hotels we recommend:

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